Too Good To Go

Come fight food waste with us.

Through our app, we connect our users with delicious unsold food from a variety of shops and restaurants all over Europe. So come join the world’s largest community of waste warriors!

There is food lost or wasted all along the chain from farm to table. And it’s not just the food itself that goes to waste, it’s all the resources that went into making it, from water to land and labour. When wasted, food has a harmful effect on the environment – it’s responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions!

The food waste that we deal with here at Too Good To Go is all the delicious, perfectly edible food that stores and restaurants have to throw out at the end of the day. This can range from bakeries that need to bake fresh everyday to supermarkets that have groceries that weren’t sold and restaurants that didn’t sell all the food they had catered for that day.

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