Inventor and manufacturer of the World’s First Commercially Viable Truly Compostable Packaging – Toraphene.

We invented Toraphene™, a completely new patented material that will revolutionize packaging world-wide. Toraphene™ is the world’s first economically viable fully biodegradable and compostable material that can actually replace the plastics that pollute our oceans and that transform into micro-plastics that toxify the human food chain. Toraphene™ is something completely new, and there has never been a greater need for it. Our first manufacturing plant is in the UK and our current capacity is 2000 tonnes per year. Our initial focus is on carrier bags followed by coffee cups and food containers. These are the plastics that currently make up 23% of marine waste.

Our initial goal is to eliminate any further contribution to that marine waste by replacing harmful plastic bags, coffee cups and food containers, and instead replace them with our fully-compostable: Toraphene™.

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