At Traverse we believe that an inclusive society that works for everyone must be based on good evidence, and the voices of citizens.

We are an employee owned business and our work spans research, engagement, consultation and evaluation. To maximise our social impact, we ask ourselves  two questions when deciding where to focus our energy:  What are the big issues transforming society? Where can we make the most difference,  using our skills and experience?

The issues we’re facing:

  • Inequality is an urgent reality of our society. We think that inclusive, person-centred practices that effect real change are needed, particularly in the health and care system where radical change  is happening already.
  • Climate change and the transformation to net zero mean huge changes to our infrastructure, our utility systems, the places we  live and the way we live our lives. We believe this transformation needs to be based on evidence and dialogue, to ensure collaborative solutions.
  • Digital innovation is transforming the way services are delivered and the way people interact with each other. We think that maximising the benefits of digital innovation for all means understanding the impacts across society.
  • As populations change, age, and move, we are faced with new challenges to meet the unmet aspirations of the population. Whether that’s funding social care, distributing the costs of climate change, or financing social impact, this challenge must be met.

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