Upside Energy

Energy is changing. A world that no longer relies on fossil fuels is in sight and the era of a closed, tightly controlled energy market is coming to an end.

We are helping to shape this transformation, through pioneering digital solutions that support the smart energy management systems of the future.

Upside Energy harnesses the cloud to provide its commercial, industrial and domestic customers with insight into their energy usage, ultimately so they can make smarter, greener energy choices.

Our award-winning cloud-based platform provides our customers with a way to capitalise on new opportunities, while supporting an acceleration in the use of renewable technologies, and overall helping to create a more sustainable and efficient power network.

Our innovative, cloud-based platform can connect with a multitude of devices across commercial, industrial and domestic sites. This includes battery storage systems, electric vehicle charge points, UPS and heating and cooling systems.

It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to match energy demand with the available supply, helping the electricity grid deal with fluctuations and times of peak usage. Supporting the grid in this way, opens the doors to additional revenue streams for our customers, who also benefit from significant reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.
The platform can manage demand response for more than 100,000 devices running in parallel.

Our platform

Advanced real-time interconnectivity

Working in the cloud, in real-time, the Upside Platform can respond rapidly to market signals and deploy new solutions as the energy system evolves. This means we can give our customers immediate visibility of their energy usage and device performance, identifying opportunities as they emerge.

Connecting systems and devices

The Upside Platform can connect to a wide range of devices, including battery storage systems, electric vehicles, UPS and heating and cooling systems. Providing real-time data and advanced forecasting, it enables our customers to fully optimise their return on investment and market positioning, by dispatching demand-side flexibility in real-time.

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