Winch Energy

Winch Energy is a global, off-grid energy developer and technology integrator focusing on decentralized energy access projects in Africa, Latin American and Asia.

Winch Energy is a global energy group creating specialized and sustainable solutions for off-grid distributed power. We are reinventing power generation, electricity distribution and telecommunications access for the 1.2 billion people across the globe who do not have access to electricity, running water and communications.

Access to power is about so much more than energy, it is the conduit for opportunity and prosperity. Winch Energy provides sustainable, wired access to power for up to 40% less than rural communities currently spend on their energy consumption.

By enabling access to energy we are empowering communities, creating wealth, transforming lives and creating freedom for individuals.

What is the RPU?

Our Remote Power Unit (RPU) is a containerized battery storage system powered by solar PV and made to provide 24/7 availability. The robust and secure build allows for the RPU to act as a long term mini-utility solution for each African village, bringing generation closer to the consumption. Each RPU will be the focal point of the community supplying, electricity, water pumping and affordable internet services through satellite VSAT. AC Power will be distributed through a Mini-Grid with Smart Meters installed in customers homes. The scalable design of the RPU allows for generation capacity to be increased, to match demand growth


“There are over 600 million people across Africa without access to electricity. By 2040, the population in the sub-continent is expected to nearly double and energy demand is predicted to grow by 80% per capita.”

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