Leading food waste solution to help chefs measure, monitor and cut waste in half with Winnow’s leading artificial intelligence technology.

Winnow Solutions
Thousands of chefs in over 40 countries are saving over $30 million annually with Winnow – a meal saved from the bin every two seconds.

Winnow Vision
Winnow Vision is an award-winning technology that takes kitchens to the next level by improving accuracy, saving time and eliminating human error.

Simply, when food is thrown away Winnow Vision captures the food item and weight using a camera and scale.

Each system is customised to an individual site. From day one, Winnow Vision offers improved data accuracy by validating each food waste transaction, providing richer insight to help teams reduce waste.

Winnow Waste Monitor
Intuitive food waste tool loved by over 1,000 kitchens globally in over 40 countries.

Kitchens that use Winnow Waste Monitor reduce food waste by over 50%, and cut food costs by 2-8%.

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