Worn Again Technologies

We already know that fast fashion is killing the planet. The people at Worn Again Technologies believe there are already enough materials in circulation to satisfy our clothes production needs. Currently less than 1% on non-recyclable textiles are repurposed for new clothing.

Worn Again Technologies’ pioneering polymer recycling technology can separate, decontaminate and extract polyester polymers, and cellulose from cotton, from non-reusable textiles and PET bottles and packaging and turn them back into new textile raw materials as part of a continual cycle. It just makes sense.

The continual production of new clothes from virgin materials – such as oil, to make polyester, and cotton, which uses up vast amounts of land, water and pesticides – coupled with poor recycling methods are wreaking havoc on our environment and our economy.

At Worn Again Technologies, we are not about loop holes. We’re about closing them. We believe there are already enough non-reusable textiles and plastic bottles ‘above ground’ and in circulation today to satisfy our annual demand. We do not need more ‘new’ raw materials. What we do need is to be better at turning the old into the new.


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