Associate – Natural Resources and Global Governance


  • Full Time

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Company Description

It matters what the most capable people choose to do with their lives.

SYSTEMIQ is building a place where highly committed individuals can work with the best to build better systems for our future. This is our challenge. We focus on the real-world outcomes that matter, not office hours or status.

What does SYSTEMIQ do?

SYSTEMIQ drives system change in clean energy, circular material solutions and sustainable land use. This means re-imagining our industries, re-configuring the world of energy, and regenerating the ecosystems around us. By addressing systemic failures in these areas, SYSTEMIQ aims to unlock economic opportunities that benefit business, society, and the environment.

Since our start in 2016, we have grown to more than 200 people working across locations in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Our work includes:

  • Developing a Marshall Plan for the global ocean on behalf of 14 heads of state
  • Co-leading the Circular Economy Initiative for Germany (CEID), jointly with acatech, the German National Academy of Science and Engineering,
  • Developing a “System Change Compass” to help guide the EU’s Green Deal and COVID Recovery Package,
  • Supporting the International Resource Panel (IRP)‘s strategy to increase its impact over the next 3 years,
  • Accelerating the growth of the world’s largest portfolio of regenerative tropical forest businesses through our Impact Accelerator, which provides capital and growth services to the companies of the future, including our work with Partnership for Forests,
  • Leading the Energy Transitions Commission in aiming to accelerate transitions to zero carbon energy systems,
  • Building and scaling Indonesia’s leading frontline solution for stopping plastic pollution entering our precious oceans through Project STOP,
  • Working with leading global corporates and SMEs to turn into pioneers of system change in their respective industries

… and many more


The Programme

Our aim is to develop effective science-policy interfaces. This means enhancing the impact of science on decision makers with influence on natural resource flows and impacts, particularly in international institutions and relevant businesses.

Our activities include: Developing visions for system change in international institutions and businesses; identifying decision makers in different fields of natural resources management; scoping relevant research questions and shaping effective narratives to empower decision makers; developing outreach and communication strategies; analysing and synthesising scientific studies, developing science-based policy briefs, business-briefs and more journalistic publications; developing statements and presentations for global conferences; organizing events and facilitating workshops.


Your tasks

Support a 2-year project that advises the development of a renown global science-policy publication to improve the strategic impact for the target audience in policy and business:

  • Develop audience engagement strategies
  • Execute strategies: manage strategic consultations, workshops and other engagement formats with policymakers, business leaders and civil society
  • Analyse and translate scientific findings for policy audiences and policy inputs for scientists
  • Provide support to institution building and process development
  • Other activities to ensure audience relevance and impact of report

Develop publications of different formats for different outlets, translating scientific findings for decision making processes in global governance and business.

Help develop the programme as a whole and proactively shape activities for impact.

Flexibly support preparation of events or communications material.

Flexibly contribute to overall programme management.

You will report to the Programme Manager.


Your skills and interests

Specific programme skills/knowledge:

  • Strong interest in natural and social science, strong interests in global policy, environmental and economic governance, and the role of institutional set-ups for impact
  • Experience in project management: planning and delivering multiple tasks with clear milestones and communication
  • Experience in stakeholder engagement processes, workshop facilitation, expert interviews
  • Academic or practical experience with international organizations, government, policy-oriented NGO or consultancy or similar
  • Experience in interpreting and synthesising technical and scientific information in the area of data management, material flows, environmental science, engineering or similar – either through work experience or university programme
  • Experience in journalistic or essay writing is a strong plus
  • Experience or knowledge in advocacy, campaigning or other forms of influencing strategies is a plus
  • Experience in working with industry, interaction with business, consulting or similar; or good understanding through business studies or other, is a plus




General Requirements:

See SYSTEMIQ recruitment page – general Associate application.

Other information

Location: London or Munich (the teams sits in London)

We are looking for a candidate to focus on this programme for a 2-year time frame. However, the role will also include regular engagement with many of the other projects at SYSTEMIQ.

Other information

We are keen to receive applications from all parts of the community.

You must have the Right to Work in the location for the position you are applying for – SYSTEMIQ can usually not provide sponsorship.