C Developer – Gstreamer + Deepstream


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At Recycleye, we’re on a mission to build the recycling industry of the 21st century. One of the world’s biggest challenges is waste- how do you sort it, store it, and reuse it? Recyleye’s proprietary waste-sorting technology solves this issue for waste handlers and accelerates the world’s transition to a circular economy.

We’re looking for an engineer to join us as a key early-stage hire on our journey to developing the recycling infrastructure of the future. You’ll have the opportunity to play an integral role in building a world-changing product while developing your own skills and qualifications.

About Recycleye
Currently, the sorting of waste materials is done by manual workers. This is expensive, slow, and inaccurate. It’s estimated that the average materials recovery facility spends 60% of their operating costs on these manual workers. To date, AI and robotics have not been advanced enough to reduce this cost and make recycling cheaper, more efficient, and more widespread.

At Recycleye we’ve taken this into our own hands and decided to create the future. Recycle’s groundbreaking computer vision technology allows the automatic sorting of waste while our robotic picker system sorts it accordingly. Combined, they replicate the capabilities of the human brain, eye, and arm. We predict our technology will save the average materials recovery facility over $4 million.

Our technology stands to change the way recycling is done and we have received significant traction. We have a technology development partnership with Microsoft, are members of the world-leading Plug and Play accelerator, and have received grants/funding from the UK government and a number of high-profile VC funds.

The Role
You will play a critical role in developing the code that powers our devices . As part of the engineering team you will implement Nvidia deepstream pipelines using gstreamer and computer vision models to detect trash! The pipeline will run on the latest edge devices, deployed within waste facilities to provide metrics and data to the client plus soon power a robotic arm!

The role is dynamic and requires strong capabilities in C/C++, and knowledge about the gstreamer/deepstream framework or GPU programming. Our code runs on Nvidia jetsons so experience hacking or hobbying with all kinds of IOT hardware is a plus.

We strongly believe in upskilling and have a number of highly talented engineers to help with training. We will put you on courses to improve your qualifications and fill-in any gaps, so don’t worry if you do not currently have all the skills. We value commitment and personality over current ability.

We believe we’re on the verge of changing the world and by joining our small but dedicated team of 14 you can come to work every day knowing you’re making a difference. There’s no time to waste!

• Take ownership of the code that runs on our devices, and make it greater than great
• Hacking and tuning models from the computer vision team to run at full-speed on GPU chips

You’re a good fit if you:
• Are passionate about the green revolution
• Are ambitious and want to change the world
• Have a growth mindset and are willing to learn and adapt
• Are excited about being an early-stage hire in a startup
• Have a demonstrable history of being an obsessed hacker

Necessary Skills/Experience:
• Strong experience in C/C++ development
• Experience with gstreamer/deepstream or GPU programming

Bonus Points:
• Knowledge of CUDA
• Experience with all kinds of IOT devices

• £50-60k salary
• 0-0.5% equity
• Unlimited holidays
• Flexible working hours and location
• Extensive upskilling opportunities
• Career growth opportunities as the company grows

How To Apply:
Interested? Let’s talk trash. To apply please send click on apply for job. The recruitment process will involve an initial phone interview, a technical interview, a Github code review/small coding challenge.

Job Overview