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The Cambridge Organic Food Company is a well-established organic vegetable box scheme business that holds itself to high ethical standards. The company is embarking on a new venture which puts into practice an innovative new concept in food supply-chain coordination, and will ultimately relocate to a new premises: The Cambridge Food Hub. The company is looking for a new Chief Executive to lead the company during this exciting period of transformation and growth.

Our new Chief Executive will be someone who shares our ethical values and is excited by the prospect of leading a pioneering company that aims to grow not only in terms of its commercial success, but also in terms of the positive impact it delivers to society and in the struggle against climate change. Our new Chief Executive will also be someone who can ‘think big’, with the drive and ambition to help build a truly ground-breaking company.


Skills and Experience

The three main skills being sought are leadership, business planning and financial management.

You will have an understanding of, and personal interest in, alternative economic models, such as the ‘circular economy’, and have a vision for how business can be both commercially successful and address environmental and social needs. It is highly recommended that you read the book ‘Local Food Ecosystems; How Food Hubs Can Help Create a More Sustainable Food System’ when applying for the post. Copies of the book, including a free audio download, can be obtained from

You will ideally have good business planning and financial management skills. Experience of grant applications and fundraising is desirable.

You will need strong leadership skills and be able to work well in a team. Experience of leading an organisation through a period of change and growth is desirable. In particular you should be able to bring out the best in other people and nurture the culture that is envisioned for the company.

You should be objective-oriented, be able to get things done and be a ‘change manager’.


Role and Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Chief Executive is the realisation of the vision, as set out in the book ‘Local Food Ecosystems: How Food Hubs Can Help Create a Sustainable Food System’. This will include making the company fit for its new home and role at the Food Hub, and to prepare the company for its transition to new ownership status.

You will take overall responsibility for the running of the company, most notably as the leader of the management team, and you will run the business in accordance with the company manual, and business plan. Both of which are formulated in agreement with the business owner.

An important element of the role will be to draw up the business plan in collaboration with the owner, and then work collaboratively with the management team to execute the plan. You will meet with the owner regularly to report on the performance of the business against the objectives that were set in the previous meeting and to agree upon the business plan and objectives for the forthcoming period. The business owner is responsible for the vision of the company, and sets the objectives jointly with the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive then formulates strategies for meeting these objectives jointly with the management team.



The salary for this role is c. £40,000 per year.

Candidates who feel especially suited to the role and capable of meeting the objectives, but who have a higher salary expectation, are still encouraged to apply.

This is a fixed term contract.


To Apply

Complete the application form and upload your CV to

The Deadline for applications is Friday the 5th of November.


The recruitment process will consist of three stages;

Stage 1: First round interviews will take place during the week beginning 1st of November.

Stage 2: A ‘Meet the Team session on Thursday the 11th of November.

Stage 3: Deciding round presentations and interviews.


Salary: Circa £40,000