Climate science advisors


  • Part Time

To apply for this job please visit

We’re after experts with a background in climate and environmental science to join our team in an advisory capacity.

You’ll join our monthly climate solution strategy meeting where we consider a portfolio of upcoming projects for their ability to remove carbon.

This position can be remote, and is a few hours per month.

About Ecologi

Ecologi is a subscription service that allows individuals, families and businesses to go climate positive.

For as little as £1.25 per week our customers can not only wipe out their own carbon footprint through our Gold Standard approved climate projects, but also plant their own forests.

What we have at Ecologi is a platform that has the potential to single-handedly meet our ambitious global carbon budget.

We’ve had an amazing year since our launch, proving that people-led climate action can happen on a massive scale. Now with a steady revenue from our subscribers and additional external investment it means we can bring on a talented team to get us to our goal.