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Salary Details:
06 Dec 2021
About The Role
To be part of our Customer Champion Team with the primary focus of resolving our customers’ complaints and helping to represent their interests inside and outside our organisation. To deal with the customer contact side of complaints management and help the Customer Champion Team resolve issues in a fair and even handed way by researching the account thoroughly, as a whole rather than just the complaint, correcting any errors found and advising on the best way forward. To assist in the gathering and feed back of information to the organisation to allow us to improve processes and gain more information about how we can provide a better service.Department

This role reports directly to the 2 Customer Champion Team Leaders.  This team sits outside of the Customer Service Operation to enable it to provide an independent, customer orientated view of the business.

Core Responsibilities

  • Customer Contact and Complaint Resolution by Liaison with appropriate Retail member/s
  • Thorough investigation of complaint/account and suggested resolution, either by telephone, email or letter, to include sales ledgers, bill lists or usage charts, full account reconciliation as req’d
  • Challenging decisions made elsewhere in the business to ensure full compliance with SLC & Regs, back billing, GS payments etc
  • Negotiation and Internal Liaison with key members of the Retail Team to understand issues and problems
  • Monitoring accounts as req’d to avoid external escalation
  • Obtaining and preparing information from the system with regard to complaints for reporting purposes
  • Recommendation of compensation/goodwill credits in accordance with our internal compensation process, the external requirements of EnSO/EHU & also in accordance with the guaranteed standards of service that apply
  • Liaison with all industry participants, internal and external, e.g old/new suppliers, MOP, DC etc
  • Reporting directly to Customer Champion Team Leader to identify process or individual issues that require response, via direct liaison and feedback forms
  • Proactive work within the business, providing advice on complicated accounts and drafting letters to prevent escalation to a complaint

Additional Responsibilities

  • Assistance with any customer survey or analysis work as required
  • Helping raise awareness of complain process within the business, via attending meetings, running training sessions etc
  • Advising on identification of complaints in accordance with Ofgem’s very strict definition of a complaint
  • Ad hoc as required
About You
Skill Set Desired

  • Extensive customer liaison experience including dealing with domestic/business customers in a confident, professional and tactful manner
  • Thorough knowledge of the industry/business, to include awareness of SLC/Regs/CHR/EnSO etc
  • Ability to understand, challenge and summarise complicated information obtained from all specialist areas of the business and format into a creditable and customer focused response
  • Knowledge and understanding of the definition of a complaint and the processes – both internal and external rules/ requirements
  • Problem solving ability
  • Analytical and investigative capability
  • Time management and prioritization skills – ability to organise workload with multiple priorities
  • Excellent level of verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work to tight deadlines and under pressure to ensure compliance with CHR and Ofgem rules/timescales for complaint handling
  • Adaptable and used to managing change

Specific Knowledge Required

  • Knowledge of how to deal with distressed, confused, vulnerable people
  • Experience of dealing with difficult customers
  • Knowledge of all Industry systems and databases used – SAP, Excel, Word, Salesforce, Mitel
  • Excellent level of Customer Care and Negotiation skills
  • Broad depth of knowledge of the whole business/energy industry

Educational Requirements

  • Educated to GCSE Level or above preferred
  • Maths & English essential (or proven knowledge through work)

Main Customers

  • All retail and business customers of Ecotricity
  • All Internal customers
  • MD
  • Energy Ombudsman
  • Citizens Advice Consumer Service/EHU

Grading & Level

Specialist Complaint Handler

Ecotricity is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to providing equality for all.

About Us

Ecotricity is Britain’s greenest energy company. When we started back in 1995, we were the first company in the world to supply a new kind of electricity – the green kind.

Our mission was and remains to change the way energy is made and used in Britain – by replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy.

We don’t just supply green energy, we use the money from our customers’ bills to make it ourselves too – we build windmills and sun parks in Britain. We call this ‘bills into mills’. In 2021, we’re starting work on building two new solar parks, and in 2022 we’re bringing geothermal energy to our customers’ fuel mix, a first in the UK. We’re also developing green gas mills which will generate 100% green gas from a source that will never run out – grass.

We don’t just focus on energy though – we built the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading network of electric vehicle charge points, we helped Forest Green Rovers become the greenest football club in the world, and, in partnership with RSPB, we launched Britain’s greenest mobile phone service, Ecotalk + RSPB.

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