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Full time

Salary: £35-45K

Includes stock options

The role and the work

Why we’re hiring for this role:

We are hiring a Customer Operations Manager to manage day-to-day customer queries and implement improvements to ensure the best possible customer experience. This will work towards the team goal of ensuring Spill has best-in-class scalable operations that support our growth targets.

You will have holistic ownership of Spill’s customer operations. This will involve everything from answering customer queries on an ongoing basis (from both buyer and user) to speccing tickets for the product team on frequent customer requests.

A large part of this role is around ensuring that our customer operations maintain quality at scale. Spill offers a great experience for the 30,000 users and 250 customers that access Spill now. You’ll need to make sure that the same level of quality is there when Spill has 1,000,000 users and 10,000 customers. This means that you’ll need to put in place robust and thoughtful systems to work at scale.

You will work with the Ops team and other teams at Spill to get the work done.

Some examples of work projects would be (i) implementing improvements to the Admin (buyer) onboarding journey (ii) setting up and reporting on Customer Ops KPIs (iii) helping our users find the right therapist for them.

The ideal candidate

We care about experience, traits, and attitude. We also care about diversity — we want to receive applications from as wide a range of people as possible.


  • You have 2+ years of Customer Operations experience. This will likely be at a Customer Operations role in another start-up or scaleup. Essentially you have worked in a best-in-class Customer Operations org and want a chance to build your own.


  • You write beautiful email copy. We need someone to be the voice of Spill. This requires a tonne of empathy and great tone of voice.
  • You can lead a workstream. At Spill you will have decision rights on how we shape the function. You will decide which trade-offs to make when juggling many different priorities. You will advocate for the function within the rest of Spill. If these statements excite you, that’s a good sign.
  • You can analyse data. Proficiency in Google Sheets / Excel is preferred. Ultimately the idea of a bit of data analysis should excite you not scare you.

Traits and attitude

  • ✅ You are customer obsessed. You will need to advocate tirelessly for the customer and not be satisfied until they are.
  • You take decisions based on data. You track KPIs religiously and use them to spot issues and improve performance.
  • You are comfortable with occasional chaos and ambiguity. You take a proactive approach to these things. When there’s a lack of process you create it. When someone forgets to tell you something, you chase them until they do.

Red flags

A few signs you might not be right for the role.

  • You’re not that comfortable with data. At Spill we have a strong data culture. You won’t be building complex models but you should always have your KPI numbers on hand and be interested in finding the reasons behind trends you’re seeing.
  • You really want to manage a team. You won’t be managing anyone in the short- and medium-term: this role is for someone who loves doing, not overseeing. However as Spill scales and we need more resource, you will be the one leading hiring for the team.

Company and product background

We’re a London-based tech startup working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. We’re funded by Passion Capital, Ada Ventures and Seedcamp: the best investors in the game.

We make a Slack app that companies purchase to allow their employees to access wellbeing tools and content (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book therapy or coaching sessions in just three clicks (if they need more support). It’s everything that the NHS, private health insurance and employee assistance programmes aren’t: easy to access, designed to be used by everyone, and 100% un-intimidating. We’re proud to count among our list of clients progressive employers like Typeform, Depop, Huel and Bloom & Wild.

The pay and the benefits

The salary for this full-time role is £35–45k + stock options.

  • minimum 25 days holiday
  • day off for your birthday
  • Spill bank holidays
  • access to Spill therapists
  • mental health days
  • work-aways (currently not doing due to COVID)

For more on how we work at Spill and what to expect, take a look at our careers page.

The application process

  • 30 min video call to find out more about each other
  • a paired working exercise
  • a second paired working exercise [TBC]
  • a few video calls to meet more of the Spill team

At Spill, we are committed to building a company that includes people from a variety of different backgrounds. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people from typically underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

Job Overview