Customer Service Floorwalker (Internal Only)

Peoples Energy

  • Full Time

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Providing in-the-moment support to the MST operations team to guarantee exceptional standards of service through the quick resolution of queries. Building a knowledge bank and documentation of issues faced while supporting the development of teams to confidently address any challenge faced.

Key Tasks and Accountabilities

  • In-the-moment Query Management and Resolution
  • Management of queries raised by the MST operations team. Providing in-the-moment solutions where possible, finding and documenting new solutions where not.
  • Handling customer card requirements for one off, final balance or debt payments.
  • Validating/invalidating customer meter reads to support billing and account management.
  • Handle metering, replacement and exchange tasks for customers. Liaise with back office team to carry out full customer journey and manage SLA. Complete associated admin to accurately reflect database. Building team competencies to handle recurring issues and challenges
  • Documenting new learning and queries daily, maintaining FAQ, supporting development of operating procedures based on new issues faced.
  • Educating team members on correct operating procedures and providing regular updates to teams based on changes to procedure.
  • Working with supervisors to identify training needs and develop required materials.
  • Supporting supervisors to provide knowledge to teams based on changes to products and services. Process Compliance and Improvement
  • Communicating with back office team on key issues as they arise, finding solutions to issues faced by MST and building knowledge base/FAQ for future use.
  • Monitoring outstanding follow-up and call backs, guaranteeing delivery in line with SLA. Additional Responsibilities and Behaviours
  • Providing call support to MST team, especially during high traffic periods.
  • Conducting additional analysis and observation based on requirements of management.
  • Support supervisors to drive initiatives and short-term targets with the MST team.


  • Effective Communicator
  • Able to adapt communication approach depending on the audience, able to respond to queries by providing detailed explanations to help increase understanding and demonstrate effective written communication in the form of emails, letters and/or training manuals.
  • Teamwork Demonstrates a strong focus and displays appropriate behaviours in supporting your immediate team colleagues, as well as the wider operating teams to work collectively towards providing an excellent customer experience.
  • Organisation and Personal Management Ability to manage own workload effectively to ensure targets are met and priorities are established. Proven ability to alter these priorities where required and effectively manage and communicate to management where SLAs have not been met.
  • Analysis and Problem Solving Researches and analyses data to understand root cause issues, determines most appropriate solutions and puts actions in place to resolve problems. Able to perform thorough analysis and investigation into an issue, understanding all areas of the problem and rather than focus on an immediate solution, considers a root cause fix which will stop the issue happening again in the future. Apply methodologies and logic to all areas of research to establish the most appropriate outcome.
  • Adaptability Proven ability to adapt to changing demands and workloads to ensure the needs of the member and operation are met. Demonstrated ability to react in a positive manner to Operational changes and proactively consider where your strengths and experience can support these changes in practice, embedding these changes within the team.
  • Coaching and Training Ability to coach individuals to help them achieve targets, develop their skills and behaviours and progress through their career. Able to identify training requirements in order to support individual development and build competencies within the team.
  • Technical/qualification requirements No specified qualifications required.
  • Experience Previous experience working as an MST operative.

In order to be considered for this role you must have:

  • Passed your probationary period
  • Be available for working full time hours
  • Be achieving benchmark in performance KPI
  • Must have clear pre-existing knowledge of various tasks required to conduct the position.