Data Engineer

Peoples Energy

  • Full Time

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Who are People’s Energy?

People’s Energy are an ethical, planet friendly energy company who were founded in 2017.  We want to put you in charge of your energy usage and help keep the planet a cleaner, greener place!

Using mainly renewable energy, we want to provide a simple, fair and affordable solution for all our customers, including those currently in fuel poverty.

Who are we?

  • Ethical
  • Affordable
  • Renewable
  • Honest
  • Growing
  • Fair

What do we want to do?

  • Eradicate fuel poverty
  • Put 1million customers in charge of their energy use
  • Bring trust back to the energy market
  • Give 75% of our profits back to our customers

The Team and Role

People’s Energy company’s Data Team is working hard to collect, secure, transform, store, analyse and present data from our various business teams. Our teams persistently works on a backlog of data sources and integrations with third party vendors and suppliers to create a data warehouse within the AWS eco system.

Your Responsibilities

We are seeking a talented individual to help us increase our pace of delivery, managing a continuous integration and deployment tools, helping us to define infrastructure as code, and helping us with estimating system requirements, as well as monitoring smooth operations.

  • You will work with external and internal stakeholders as well as team members when capturing and documenting IT requirements.
  • You will show attention to detail and show strong problem solving skills when helping to spec out projects and infrastructure.
  • You will help with the development of data pipelines, setting up data lake and data warehousing infrastructure.
  • You will help creating new integrations with third party providers and external data sources.
  • You will help with the development of dashboards and other reporting tools.
  • You will be comfortable working to Agile principles and development methodologies.

Your Skills


  • Excellent knowledge of Python
  • You will know common data query languages for relational and document databases.
  • Experience setting up data pipelines, data extraction, transformation and load processes.
  • Experience working with version control tools, understand the importance of code reviews and coding standards).
  • Experience with Messaging queues and event driven development (eg. Rabbit MQ, SQS).
  • Experience developing REST APIs.
  • Understanding of common cloud metrics and alerting within AWS.


  • Experience with Apache Spark and Databricks.
  • Experience using the AWS eco system, especially VPC, EC2, RDS and Redshift and the AWS Cloud Development Kit, Lambda.
  • Experience working with continuous integration, CI/CD processes.
  • Experience with orchestration tools (eg. Cloud formation, Kubernetes, etc).
  • Experience with workflow management tools (eg. Airflow, Luigi).

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must submit a cover letter as part of their application


At People’s Energy we are committed to ensuring that everyone, no matter race, background, sexuality, gender or any other protected characteristic is supported and afforded equal opportunities in the business. As it says on our website – we are by the people, for the people.  We are committed to maintaining a fair and measured recruitment process and our development opportunities are open to all.