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Apolitical is a peer-to-peer learning and intelligence platform for government. Our mission is to make government great for citizens everywhere. We equip policymakers with the knowledge, skills and community they need to solve the world’s hardest challenges from the climate and refugee crises to cybersecurity and the future of jobs. Our platform is used by more than 100,000+ policymakers in 170+ countries ranging from mayors, ministers and heads of state to millennials pioneering digital innovations. Disrupt100 said, “This new approach to solving common problems could potentially impact everyone on the planet.” We are about to go into a Series A funding round, raising our ambition and making it an exciting time to join the team.

About this Position

This position is a full-time role and ideally based in London/UK. If you are currently based out of the UK, then you must have a right to work in the UK and you must be able to work remotely as per UK working hours. This role sits within the Sales team, led by the Chief Operations Officer, to whom you’ll report.

The Sales Team’s responsibility is to generate new client leads, prospect, and close enterprise deals for Apolitical. Enterprise deals at Apolitical are purchases of our products by government departments and foundations. The team works closely with the Customer Success team, who ensure our clients have the best possible experience and stay with Apolitical once they have partnered with us because of the impact we consistently deliver for public servants and the organisations supporting them.

To achieve our ambitious revenue goals we need to build our pipeline of potential clients, accelerate the sales cycle with more touchpoints and develop our reputation for offering great learning experiences for public servants.

This role’s primary accountabilities are to develop and build “Apoiltical’s enterprise voice” to bring inbound sales leads to us, and enable more successful sales outreach. You’ll experiment with multiple methods of generating and prospecting leads and will measure the results. You’ll build and execute an enterprise communications strategy which boosts our revenue. In the long term, you’ll help develop and evolve this strategy across our different regional markets.

In addition, you will directly support sales activity and strategy. You will play a critical role in identifying potential opportunities, gathering internal and external intelligence, project managing sales activity, strategising about how to pursue certain leads, and proposal and bid writing. While you will not be expected to lead sales calls there will be opportunities to interface directly with potential clients if you have the aptitude and desire for this.

An example of the role’s objectives and activities in the first 6 months:

  1. Build a drumbeat of communications targeting enterprise clients to generate high quality sales leads.
    • Create and own a system for collecting relevant insights and results from across Apolitical to include in prospective partner communications.
    • Identify, follow and manage lists of key prospects, offering internal intelligence about what they are saying and doing.
    • Create a set of communications across multiple channels to ‘surround-sound’ relevant potential clients. Measure the results and iterate.

2. Create the right collateral to make the sales process more efficient.

3. Support the closing of our target revenue and the building of a great sales function at Apolitical.


  • You have great judgement about what leaders in government will find interesting. If you haven’t had government experience before, you’ll have the ability to proactively build this instinct within 6 months in the job. In time you’ll also build this instinct for foundations.
  • You’re a critical thinker and communicator. You think and communicate with the precision that is required to engage with senior stakeholders. You’re able to craft the killer data point or quote needed to communicate your message.
  • You are a strong drafter and love wordsmithery. You can put your pen to drafting everything from persuasive emails to a senior government decision maker to writing an insights report that will position Apolitical appropriately.
  • You are a hustler. You love rolling up your sleeves and do what it takes to get results quickly. You love the challenge of winning people over. You take initiative.
  • You are flexible and learn quickly. This is a wide ranging role. You’ll need to be good at turning your hand to lots of different things – from building a pricing model to thinking of a social media strategy. You won’t find it disconcerting to change strategy quickly.
  • You are organised. You can juggle multiple tasks and stick to timelines. You like building systems and measuring your results.
  • You are excited by Apolitical’s leadership principles. Check in particular that you are excited by the autonomy and changeability that a Series A stage startup demands. Not everyone loves this pace and lack of structure!


Advantageous skills/experience:

  • This role is best pitched to applicants with ~3-5 years of experience but we are willing to consider more or less experienced candidates.
  • Background in interacting with government and engaging with the substance of policy.
  • Experience in PR, content marketing, business development.


How you’ll develop:

You’ll learn a great deal about government and the challenges it faces, specific policies and skills in government, business development and sales, and hone your excellent communication skills.


(In addition to working with smart, kind people on one of the most important challenges of our time…)

Stock options: Our employee options plan gives you a stake in our vision.

Flexibility: Everyone works differently. Whether it’s early mornings, late nights or a day at home, we support what gives you energy and makes you effective.

Holidays: We have unlimited holidays, trusting people to take what they need when they need. As a restorative reboot, we give everyone on the team the last Friday of every month off.

Office: In normal times we’re based in beautiful Public Hall, in the heart of Westminster and overlooking the River Thames though we have flexibility around remote working

Parental leave: We offer generous maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Personal development: We offer twice-monthly learning days and have learning and development budgets for books, conferences and courses.

Library: We have a constantly growing library, to which every team member contributes their favourite book. There’s also a bigger library in Public Hall.

Discounts: Exclusive discounts and rewards at over 30,000 brands.

Salary: £35,000 – £45,000. Range to allow for different levels of experience amongst candidates.

To apply:

Please send a CV (max 2 pages), and responses to these questions in lieu of a cover letter:

1. Draw on evidence from your past experience to tell us why you’d be a great fit for this role. (Max 250 words).

2. What’s the most significant piece of critical feedback you have received in the last 12 months and what have you done about it? (Max 150 words)

3. Submit the following task:

The UK Government has very recently announced the new Government Skills and Curriculum Unit, whom we’ve not yet met. This unit is an important potential enterprise client for us.

A) Draft an email for someone on the team to send to the Head of the Unit. Specify who it is from.

B) Outline any assumptions or communication choices you’ve made in writing your email. (You can make assumptions if you’re not sure about some details relating to Apolitical). Section 3B’s word limit is 150 words.

Background knowledge on Apolitical (only use as appropriate): Our microcourses for public servants, Upcoming events, our twitter handle is @apoliticalco, and our About Us pages.

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