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We are looking to recruit a pool of qualified and experienced accountants to provide Financial Management Support over a three year period from April 2021 to March 2024, with the possibility of a further one year extension at Access’ discretion.

To find out more and before you apply, please read through our Invitation to Tender.

To apply, please fill out this application form, and send toapplications@access-si.org.uk by 17.00 GMT on Friday 15 January 2021.

Invitation to Tender Enterprise Support Framework December 2020 Background Access – the Foundation for Social Investment (www.access-si.org.uk) launched the Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) in 2018. Details of the programme can be found here: www.enterprisedevelopmentprogramme.org.uk Between April 2021 and March 2024 the programme aims to support around 300 charities and social enterprises (around 100 per year) to set up new enterprise activity, or grow existing enterprise activity. The programme offers a mix of:  Advice and Support  Training  Opportunity to be involved in peer networks  Access to enterprise grants This tender relates to the provision of Financial Management Support within the programme. The Framework We are looking to recruit a pool of qualified and experienced accountants to provide Financial Management Support over a three year period from April 2021 to March 2024, with the possibility of a further one year extension at Access’ discretion. We expect that around 40% of our programme participants will need Financial Management Support, so we expect to make around 40 referrals per year. We expect to recruit a minimum of 5 suppliers and a maximum of 12 suppliers onto the Framework but reserve the right to vary those figures. There will be no guarantee of work volumes for any supplier, and no obligation on suppliers to accept any referrals offered during the period of the Framework When a programme participant needs Financial Management Support the programme will offer a referral to a supplier on the Framework. There will be no further process of tender or quoting for these referrals. Referrals will instead be made at Access’ discretion to any supplier on the Framework, and may be based on issues including, without limitation: geographical proximity, specialist expertise, performance under the framework to date, potential conflicts of interest and price. If a supplier chooses not to accept the referral, Access will offer it to an alternative supplier. The Work Once a referral is agreed, the supplier will be provided with instructions and a standard pack of documents from the participating organisation (financial accounts, management accounts, financial procedures manual, business plan etc) in order to prepare for the support work. The supplier will then make contact to commence support work with the participating organisation: Core Referral The core referral will be on the basis of four days of work and will be paid as such. Instructions for a core referral will come from named EDP sector partners (see the EDP website for details). Referral requirements may vary and contain specific review and support components, but will typically comprise:  Review of background documentation  Review and support in relation to accounting system in use – chart of accounts, apportionment system etc  Guidance on financial procedures/policies/manuals  Guidance on accounting and reporting on performance of enterprise income streams, costs and profitability Extended Referral In a minority of cases, subject to budget and with the mutual agreement of all three of the participating organisation, the referring EDP sector partner, and the supplier, the referral may be extended by anything from a further one day up to a maximum of a further sixteen days of work. These extended referrals will be in cases where technical intervention is needed to either address important accounting deficiencies or to build improved enterprise-based accounting or reporting systems. There is no menu of items that these extended referrals could cover. The following is provided as an illustrative list only:  Support with financial models and projections for new income streams  Support with pricing strategies  Support with rebuilding of chart of accounts or introducing new bookkeeping systems  Support with rebuilding management accounting and reporting processes  etc Style of Delivery The EDP programme considers that the style of Financial Management Support delivery is as important as the content. It is critical that the support builds the knowledge, confidence and capability of the organisation (particularly its finance personnel, but also other senior leaders and its Board). As well as delivering improvements in infrastructure, the support needs to leave behind lasting improvements in the capacity of the organisation and its personnel. In short we need suppliers that can deliver change within organisations rather than just information for organisations. Other expectations In addition to the delivery of direct support work, suppliers will be expected to attend (on a paid basis) briefing, review and learning meetings relating directly to the peripatetic support programme, with Access, other framework suppliers, and/or other EDP partners. There may also be opportunities for suppliers to be engaged in wider support or awareness raising work, through participation in briefings, workshops or training delivery. This may be paid or unpaid and would not be mandatory. Comprehensive records of support work undertaken will need to be kept and made available for review by Access on request. Reporting on work undertaken will need to be completed by automated webform: monthly (in brief) and on the conclusion of each support case. COVID procedures This Framework will commence at a time when travel and site-visits will be impossible or inadvisable in most cases. Until such time as restrictions are fully lifted, it is presumed that delivery of most if not all support under the Framework will be done remotely and electronically. Submission of a tender response will be automatically taken to assume that a supplier has existing capability to deliver a fully remote and electronic support service, including ability to conduct meetings by video. Once restrictions are lifted it is presumed that support will be delivered via a mix of electronic and on-site means. From the outset, referrals will therefore be made in part with geographical proximity in mind, even if initial support work is expected to all be remote. Tender Selection Process Tenders are invited from either organisations or freelance accountants. However tenders in the name of organisations should specify the name (and provide the CV of) the individual who would deliver the work. Any individual supplier organisation can put forward a maximum of three names, but in this instance of multiple personnel from the same organisation, separate tender responses should be submitted for each individual. Tenders will be considered in the following manner: A QUALITY score out of 10 will be provided based on the evidence of specific capability to deliver against the work specification. Only those scoring 5 or more will be considered, and guidelines for the thresholds of scores of 5 or more are: 5-10 Baseline  Qualified accountant (CIMA, ACCA or relevant equivalent)  Ability to travel flexibly throughout at least one region of England  Ability to deliver remote/electronic finance support 5-6 Some experience of delivering accountancy support to charities and/or social enterprises in an enterprise context. Good basic understanding of typical issues encountered 7-8 Strong understanding of enterprise issues faced by charities and social enterprises, and strong track record in supporting organisations of different types to address these 9 Very strong and comprehensive understanding of enterprise issues faced by charities and social enterprises, and strong track record over three or more years of supporting several organisations of different types and sizes to overcome issues, including evidence of legacy of support 10 Exemplary understanding of the enterprise context of charities and social enterprises, and substantial track record over five or more years of supporting large numbers of organisations of different types and sizes to overcome issues, including evidence of legacy of support A score for PRICE will be calculated for all those tenders which pass the above threshold, with a score of 10 awarded to the lowest price, and other tenders scored according to the formula: (Lowest Price / Tender Price) x 10 A final TENDER SCORE will then be calculated out of 100, with 60 marks given to Quality (proportionate to score out of 10, therefore in the range 30-60), and 40 marks given to Price. The top five scoring tenders will automatically be included in the Framework. Further tenders may be added into the Framework at Access’ discretion, always in order of scoring except in the instance where geographic coverage has not been achieved within the Framework selection in which case the highest scoring tender(s) able to fill gaps regional coverage will be selected. Tender Responses These should be delivered in the form overleaf, to applications@access-si.org.uk by 17.00 GMT on Friday 15 January 2021. Any technical queries on the tender process should also be directed to that email address. Tenders will be reviewed and scored on the basis of desk review of submissions and uptake of references (as appropriate). We will not be conducting interviews. The outcome notified to all applicants by Friday 5 February 2021. We aim to enter into simple Framework Agreements with each successful supplier, to be in place by Friday 5 March 2021. The Framework period itself will commence on Monday 5 April 2021. Appended to the Framework Agreement will be a short form contract which will be signed by Access and counter-signed by the Supplier for each agreed referral.

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