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Our IndiBreathe system not only insulates buildings, it stores carbon in them.

IndiNature is an innovative leader in bio-based construction systems. We use leading science + traditional crops to bring industrial scale change to the climate, environment and people’s health.

100% bio-based construction system manufacturers. Radically low carbon, easy-build, healthy, high-performing, affordable, energy saving, zero plastics, zero toxins, zero waste – made from renewable local crops. Highly circular business model.

Unlike our high-carbon competitors, our system is ‘better-than-zero carbon’ which means it actually stores more carbon than the carbon used to make it (via photosynthesis in the very fast growing, renewable crops). Being plastic and toxin free, it is also ‘better-than-zero waste’ which means it can be reprocessed or reused, not merely recycled – or safely bio-degraded right on site, saving landfill charges. This is part of our circular business model: renewable resources, which can be… renewed! And best of all, we can sell at a lower cost of eco competitors if we have to.​

Hiring soon for the Hempworks insulation plant

We’re now open to receiving informal enquiries for the following key positions, hiring imminently for our new plant in the Scottish Borders.

The role

General manager of the production plant in the Scottish Borders.

Job Overview