Entry Level Talent Acquisition Internship for a Green Merchant Bank

Cyan Finance

  • Full Time

To apply for this job email your details to jonnyp@cyanfinance.com.

Entry level talent acquisition role

  • No experience required
  • Experience and knowledge of the financial sector would be helpful but is not essential.
  • What is more important is that you share our values and belief system

About us

“We’re building a ‘bank’ to save the world”

A fast-growing sustainable finance house is seeking a mission-aligned person who wants to build their career in “talent acquisition” to support the rapid growth of the business.

Who we are

We are gathering a team of believers and the first hurdle for candidates to overcome is to demonstrate that they believe in our mission. We passionately believe that finance can be a force for good. We exclusively support projects which we believe to be good for the environment and society.

We deploy both financial and intellectual capital to do so, using our own strong balance sheet as well as providing corporate finance advisory and investment banking style services.

The role

With day to day involvement in the recruitment process you will also be helping to filter out candidates who are not authentic and so it is important that you implicitly understand what we are looking for.

Over the coming months and years we will continue to scale so you must be excited about growing with us and motivated by more than money.


  • Find and hire superstars who really care about our mission and goals
  • Providing an excellent experience for candidates
  • You will be the first point of contact for potential hires, identifying believers for the team to meet
  • As you grow into the role, you would be expected take on more responsibility and accountability in our efforts to continue to build our team
  • Whilst we do not compromise on our expectations of excellent technical skills, the first question for us is always ‘do they believe in the mission’. This is a harder question to answer but it would be on you to do so

Example Initial Duties

  • Interview scheduling
  • Communicating with candidates
  • Initial calls with candidates

Long term career 

  • There is no more role more important to a growing organisation than the person who finds those who believes in the mission and brings them in, building the team and its capabilities. We would want this person to be that person
  • The world of finance is full of people who want to help contribute towards reversing or mitigating climate breakdown
    • How else can we partner together with these people?
  • Make us the go-to place for green finance talent

If you want to build your career in talent acquisition and you want to commit your time and efforts to combatting climate change then you will be interviewed