Head of Marketing

Octopus Energy

  • Full Time

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What we do
Electric Car Leasing
Why we do it
Greener. Fairer. Future.
The electric revolution has arrived – and from 2030 you will no longer be able to buy a new petrol or diesel car in the UK. Just like the iPhone revolutionised phones, Tesla kick-started the car revolution – and now every other manufacturer is racing to catch up – with >30 now available and more being launched every day. PLUS – the UK has almost twice as many places you can charge up your car publicly than you can fill up with petrol, and the government is investing a further £1.3bn into the network. Not to mention, many of us will just charge up at home overnight – like a mobile phone. So convenient.
Octopus Electric Vehicles launched in 2018 to make it easy to make the switch to cleaner, greener driving. Our mission is to drive sustainable change and provide our customers with fair pricing and a fantastic experience.
We’re looking for an outstanding marketing leader. This is a critical role to drive the growth of our business, and offer amazing experiences for our customers. You will lead our marketing team from creating the strategy to full execution – working closely with Sales and other teams.
At Octopus Electric Vehicles we are working towards building a marketing team that does it all – with a fabulous team of in-house designs, UX, writers and press team. You could say in fact that their half-agency, but with your most favouritest ever client, the one you secretly yearned to work for… As the person taking this Octopus EV role, you’ll have the passion to create the same in our team – as we rapidly scale the business in the UK and even as we look to go overseas. It will cover everything from digital to running events, creating collateral for the sales team to managing top tier press.
We’re pretty obsessive.  We think about our customers a lot.  A lot a lot.  We answer emails from customers, we join in on social media (and I mean we, as leaders do), we think constantly about what makes great experiences, great stories and great reasons for people to join us.
We’re looking for someone who’s worked their way round the marketing mix and can trot out some good metrics, but actually, what you really really know, is humans. You can put together a brand pyramid, but it makes you cry inside a little bit, because actually you feel what a brand is, why people choose it (even where that might seem illogical), and you’re just a little bit fascinated about why people make the choices they do.
You’ve led a team, and we don’t mean just managing FTEs – you’ll happily work with no direct reports, because your enthusiasm means awesome people will follow you, and you’ll get stuff done. You’ll have direct reports but you won’t measure your worth in how many, in fact the opposite.
You’re a grafter, but you’re a smart grafter, you put effort where you know it delivers the most value.
You’ve a burning desire to turn your skills to something meaningful. You enjoy the pace of the commercial world, but you want to be delivering something more sustainable to the world.
And finally. We have to be honest, we find that people from traditional businesses can sometimes struggle here. We don’t work to backlogs, we don’t write business cases but we prioritise effectiveness and efficiency above all else. We expect accountability without process, and responsibility without functional shoulder pads. We get stuff done by knowing what’s right, and sometimes that’s hard.
This role sits with the Senior Management Team of Octopus EV.
This is the chance to join one of the UK’s most exciting start-ups – making it easy for individuals and businesses to get electric cars, electric fleet and other electric vehicles. If this sounds exciting and you have a genuine passion for what we’re doing then we’d love to hear from you.
More about us
Electric cars are coming faster than most people can imagine.
According to Stanford University, by 2025 there’ll be no new petrol or diesel cars in production. Just like the iPhone revolutionised phones, Tesla is revolutionising cars and it’s not just Tesla with so many manufacturers having great EVs.
Octopus Electric Vehicles was launched in 2018 to make it easy for individuals and businesses to make the transition to zero-carbon driving. Our mission is to drive sustainable change and provide our customers with fair pricing and a fantastic experience.
Every day, we bring together great offers on electric vehicles and everything needed to go with them: chargepoint installations for home and businesses, energy tariffs designed for EV drivers, and a free VIP support service from vehicle selection to each electric journey. We’ve already helped hundreds of drivers make the transition and we are looking forward to helping thousands more.
We also run events with businesses and communities to enable drivers and decision makers to get behind the wheel for themselves, and think through how electric driving could work for them.
Our group includes Octopus Energy, Kraken Technology and Octopus Energy Services and together, we recently secured over £300 million of investment from Origin, Australia’s largest Energy Company to help continue our mission.
At Octopus, we’re looking for genuinely decent people who are honest and empathetic. Our commitment is to provide equal opportunities, a diverse and inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone. You are welcome to apply no matter your race, gender identity, sexuality, age, family or civil status, disability, religion, or ethnicity.
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