Internal Sales Manager

Peoples Energy

  • Full Time

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People’s Energy is a fast-growing ethical gas and electricity supply company, based in Shawfair near Edinburgh but supplying to customers UK wide. We launched on 1 August 2017 and are growing rapidly – we are at over 250,000 customers now. We have an ambitious goal: We want to put 1 million people in charge of their own energy and become known as the energy company that can be trusted to do the right thing at all times, for people, communities and the planet.

People’s Energy differs significantly from existing energy suppliers. We want to bring trust back into the energy market and offer a simple, fair and affordable solution for all customers, including these currently in fuel poverty. We were crowdfunded, have no external shareholders, and we promise to give 75% of the profits back to our domestic customers. The electricity we sell is renewable. We promise full transparency, and we involve customers through representatives on our Advisory Board. Staff members also have a representative on the Advisory Board, and we are keenly focused on staff well being and development. We are a Living Wage employer.

Overall purpose of the role

To deliver social good to People’s Energy members via growth and profitability of the business.  To enable that profitable growth to People’s Energy by managing a team of five direct reports and their team of ten outbound telesales agents each. To have communication skills required to be able to closely manage KPI’s and present to the board level. To ensure that above all your sales teams demand achievement of the guiding principles of the company and do so by delivering weekly and monthly metrics across people, sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities

·         To deliver monthly, quarterly, annual target of 5 team with FTE of ten

·         To manage all KPI’s involved in the above including sales, gains and Cost Per Acquisition.

·         To present at board level on weekly basis showing progression of team.

·         To maintain team level performance of a minimum 85% of all FTE on target.

·         To maintain a continual coaching an improvement plan through each of 5 sales managers.

·         To maintain a robust forecast and strategy for delivery.

·         To maintain a consistent headcount across all teams including management and front line full time sales agents.

·         To deliver weekly and monthly sales performance metrics.

·         To develop a success culture where a clear path to target is set and understood.

·         Above all – maintain the values of Peoples Energy internally and externally delivering the above.

Skills Required

·         Energy Management Experience with a minimum of two ‘TL level’ direct reports (3 years)

·         Understanding of sales processes – energy processes preferred

·         Demonstrable ability to manage TL’s to coaching plans, people management, attrition and recruitment

·         Understanding of commercial requirements and how they are implemented by front line activity

·         Strategic Understanding and immediate to long term problem solving ability

·         Outstanding communication at a micro and macro level.


At People’s Energy we are committed to ensuring that everyone, no matter race, background, sexuality, gender or any other protected characteristic is supported and afforded equal opportunities in the business. As it says on our website – we are by the people, for the people.  We are committed to maintaining a fair and measured recruitment process and our development opportunities are open to all.