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Do you want to save the world?

No, we’re not hiring superheroes (and anyway, lycra in the workplace would be an HR nightmare).

We’re talking about the climate crisis, which we believe needs to be stopped. Like, NOW. Not tomorrow (procrastinators need not apply).

Not only that, but we think we’ve found a way to do it…

We are building a way for anyone to invest in companies and other financial assets that are taking climate change seriously and showing measurable results. The way to do this is an efficient way of combining impact calculation, financial expertise, transparent communication and technology.


The role:

During your internship you will work closely with our retail offering from marketing to community building and customer success
You will be given time to learn but also own projects that you will own fully
You have the possibility to learn how the entire company operates by liaising across our team
You will be able to help delivering true climate impact!


Job requirements

Our team has a strong background in building fast growth companies and we would like to offer the opportunity for talented individuals to join us in learning the excitement of building a truly sustainable company!

Our team comes from varied backgrounds across multiple industries but there are many similarities and qualities we appreciate:

Passion for solving the climate crisis and genuine interest towards the topic
Experience and passion towards investing
Intelligence is important, but we also value “street smartness” that can be turned into operational excellence and great business execution skills
Strong views are good as long as you have the data to back them up
Friendliness, kindness and good manners are highly appreciated. You simply know how to behave with other people.
You have already in mind a concrete way how you can help us get to the next level and complete our vision & mission
You are native German speaker and fluent in English


What we stand for:

We are authentic and fully transparent.
We do things differently.
We want to leave the world a better place than we found it.
We are hopeful.

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