Junior Growth Associate


  • Full Time

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Full time
Salary: £28 – 30k
Equity: 0.1%

The company and product

We’re a London-based tech startup working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. We’re funded by Passion Capital, Ada Ventures and Seedcamp: the best in the game.

We make a Slack app that companies purchase to allow their employees to access wellbeing tools and content (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book therapy or coaching sessions in just three clicks (if they need more support). It’s everything that the NHS, private health insurance and employee assistance programmes aren’t: easy to access, designed to be used by everyone, and 100% un-intimidating. We’re proud to count among our list of clients progressive employers like Typeform, Depop and Bulb.

The role and the work

In short, the role is about trying to get Spill (and therefore the best mental health support going) into every company on earth.

You’ll be concentrating mostly on the top of the funnel, reaching out to companies to try and engage them. We won’t lie: there will be a lot of emailing involved, alongside any other tactics that can put Spill into more companies with a reasonable acquisition cost.

We use a product-led, experimental approach to growth, testing ideas to see if they work well in terms of engagement and conversion, and then diverting resources into the ones that perform best. We already have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t but we are always looking for ways to optimise. This means you will be part of regular team brainstorms and customer interviews to hone in on how we can reach our future customers more effectively.

The role will be results-driven, with clear team targets to hit in terms of leads generated. You will be expected to track the results of all of your work in our CRM system and excel when required.

When required you will also be helping to look after our existing customers, sending feedback and answering their queries.

You’ll be part of a small but fast-growing team and will report into Growth Ops.

The ideal candidate

We care about experience, traits, and attitude. We also care about diversity — we want to receive applications from as wide a range of people as possible.

Work Experience

  • You know what it takes to generate leads: emails, phone calls, consistent chasing and creative thinking. You are familiar with all of those activities and know you are good at them.
  • You are used to a results-orientated environment. Maybe you had targets to hit in a previous role. You certainly have a strong understanding of data and its importance in making decisions. You also like to keep things fast-paced and are comfortable with making changes to a plan based on the results you’re seeing.
  • You enjoy working as part of a team and are ready to put your ego aside when you need to. You know that performing well at the expense of the rest of the team is not performing well.
  • You are used to owning a problem or task end-to-end. This could mean being responsible for an outcome or result in a previous role. It doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself, but it does mean knowing what you need to get a job done – and that could include pulling in other teammates to help along the way.
  • You don’t need to have gone to university. We believe life and work experience often counts for far more. If you’ve spent the time after school doing stuff instead, and it has helped you build the skills we’re looking for, then we want to hear from you

Traits and attitude

You’re a doer. You get a kick out of getting results. You’re personable and come across well on video calls — and in real-life meetings, if those ever become a thing again. You write good emails, and you like firing them out. You don’t mind chasing and chasing (and chasing again)

You are a team player and always strive to succeed as a team not as a set of individuals.

You’re clever. You’re logical. You’re clear in your spoken and written communication. You’re able to articulate your thoughts and feelings.

This isn’t a role for aspiring creatives, brand marketers or account managers looking for their first job before moving towards those disciplines. This role is about putting Spill into every company on Earth.

Above all, you’re able and willing to set your ego aside and dedicate yourself to a mission that’s bigger than all of us. You believe in reducing unnecessary emotional pain in the world. And you want to be part of making it happen.

The pay and the benefits

The salary for this full-time role is £28 - 30k depending on your experience + 0.1% stock options. We obviously have all the statutory benefits: 25 days of holiday (excluding bank holidays), pension, sick leave. It should go without saying that you can take the day off or chat with your Spill therapist if you’re feeling under the weather. For more on how we work at Spill and what to expect, take a look at our careers page.

Beyond that, we make no promises.

The joke goes that when startups say they have a flat structure they mean that the CEO makes every decision. That when they say you’ll have lots of autonomy they mean you’ll have to figure it all out by yourself. That faced-paced environment means everyone’s stressed and overworked. That unlimited holiday means no holiday. And so on. This is only funny because it’s often true.

That said, you’ll probably find at Spill some of the things you find in all startups: a friendly atmosphere, inspiring colleagues, lots of opportunities for feedback.

On top of that, we often have rogue ideas. Every few months, we go somewhere outside London for a few days (when restrictions allow) and make our plans for the quarter. We have no idea how Spill culture will change as we grow. But we’re open to good pitches. We rarely say no to a good idea.

How to apply

Fill the form below to apply. You’ll be asked for some basic info (name, email, CV) there are two longer form questions. It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

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