Lead Scientist Target Design

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In this role you will work with the CTO to lead First Light Fusion’s target design efforts. Everyone in the technical team at First Light is encouraged to contribute to target design, and our project management approach brings together contributions on target design from across the team. This new role is not a change of approach, we still believe diversity of thought in target design is very valuable but will enable a higher-level overview of all target design activity. You will work directly on target design and optimisation but will also facilitate and guide the rest of the team to develop their own ideas and work more effectively.

You will work closely with the numerical team, contributing target design expertise to help them prioritise new features and physics in the simulation tools. Your input will also be required for bug triage. You will help the rest of the team to understand the work of the numerical team and help them to ensure their target design efforts always use the most appropriate tools and approaches.

You will also work closely with the experimental team. This will involve contribution to diagnostic target design, particularly helping to understand the potential performance impact of invasive modifications such as holes on target performance. It will also involve contribution at the manufacturing stage, helping to understand the potential impact of non-ideal manufacturing features.

You will directly manage a small team of scientists dedicated to target design. This team is expected to expand as the company grows. Some experience of project management and leadership will be helpful but prior experience of line management is not required. You will be supported in the development of this new team by the executive and with appropriate training.

Job Overview