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Hi, we’re Bulb, nice to meet you.
We’re the UK’s biggest green energy supplier, providing affordable, renewable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. Our mission is to help people lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon impact at the same time.
Founded in 2015, we were named the UK’s fastest-growing private company in 2018 and 2019, and in February 2021 we were named Europe’s fastest-growing company by the Financial Times.
Over 1.7 million UK households have signed up to renewable energy by Bulb and we’ve now expanded into Texas, France and Spain. We’re an accredited Living Wage Employer; we’ve been picked as one of LinkedIn’s top 25 UK tech startups to work for, and we’re a certified B Corp.
Objectives and metrics
Objectives for the first 90 days:
*Help create a robust database of Bulb’s electricity and gas network costs
*Ensure Bulb is paying the right amount today for network costs
– Monthly line-by-line reconciliation of meterpoints versus charges
– Distribution Use of System (DUoS) costs
– Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) costs
– Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) costs
– Where relevant, capacity and reactive charges for Half Hourly settled electricity customers
*Raise and escalate disputes with the NG/ESO, I/DNOs, IGTs & Xoserve where the data is incorrect, and request appropriate credit notes from networks as necessary
*Deliver accurate forecasts of future network costs, payments and collateral requirements for financial forecasts
*Engage with networks and National Grid about new charging schedules being introduced in 2021 and 2022, e.g. here
*Engage with Ofgem’s Network Charging and Access reforms (TCR/residual & Forward looking charge reforms) to improve internal understanding of cost impacts and inform business plans for 2022/23 onwards.
*Engaging with DNOs to understand the potential impact of 2022/2023 charging reforms on regional forecasts.
*Define a costed plan for further improving accuracy of network cost forecasting and reducing network costs in the medium term, with specific deliverables and owners
*Define requirements (people, tooling, resources) for ongoing network cost management at Bulb
*Reduce Bulb’s network costs per member by [x%] = £xM per annum
*Improve network costs forecast accuracy in management accounts from [x%] to [y%]
*Achieve [£XM] of network credits (stretch target)
Longer term responsibilities:
*Work with VP Innovation on commercial development of electricity Virtual Grids
*Identify future cost trends and opportunities via monitoring external sources as well as through relationships with other industry experts
*Become Bulb’s internal gas and electricity network cost expert; build and maintain knowledge base
*Engage with networks to build a better understanding of the new DUoS charging methodologies and regional forecasts, and shape the detailed design of the Ofgem’s Forward Looking & Access reform
*Engage with future industry work programmes to reform cost of gas networks/hydrogen charging
*Engage with Elexon’s MHHS programme to ensure BSUoS forecasting model reflects changes from 2025 onwards.
*Create and manage processes to ensure Bulb’s forecasts are reliably as up to date as possible
*Work with Bulb’s international team to share the approaches adopted in GB to better predict and manage electricity network costs in those areas
Job Overview