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Help us get to 1 Million Users. We are looking for an experienced Product Manager to help develop all the new features and experiences that will power Nuw’s growth through the next phase of the product.

Who we are

We are a female-led, tech-for-good startup that has successfully tested and proved our game-changing clothes-swapping concept and grown our community across Ireland and the UK.

Our mission is to empower people to reduce the environmental impact of fashion by giving new life to the beautiful clothes that already exist in our communities. We are using the transformative power of tech to make sustainable solutions accessible to all.

We are building an app where speed, scalability and intuitive usability are paramount. We are in this for the long haul and are more interested in building something simple and beautiful that works extremely well than something complicated and burdensome with endless features.

We’re looking for a Product Manager who wants to become part of a core team of an early-stage startup. Significant personal and professional growth will be required as we deal with the trials and tribulations of creating a new sustainable model to access and consume fashion, where failing fast and learning is a common occurrence but where perseverance and ability wins out.

Who you are

You have at least moderate product management experience. You can understand complex concepts and problems and design solutions for them. Researching user behaviour and implementing new features and technologies best suited for the job is a welcome challenge. You care about what you are creating and putting out into the world, which will result in people across the globe reducing their fashion carbon footprint and connecting with their communities.

A formal education and the ability to solve text-book problems is nice, but not prioritised at Nuw. We want to see, first and foremost, that you have the ability, tenacity and work ethic to take on challenges, expand your knowledge and skills where necessary and do it fast.

Learning and growing personally and professionally is exciting for you. You will be taking real ownership and responsibility in the direction of our product, we value and appreciate that, and hope you do too. Attention to detail is important. We believe that the smallest improvements can have a big impact on a user’s experience.

Working in a large consulting or corporate company is off-putting to you. You thrive under autonomy. Encountering a problem is an exciting opportunity to overcome while expanding your knowledge and skills.

Given we are an early-stage startup, you are comfortable wearing different hats. While your primary focus will be the back-end engineering of our product, you are enthusiastic about all aspects of software development and are happy to throw in where needed.

What we’re building

We are building a globally scalable clothes-swapping app. Nuw gamifies the concept of changing your wardrobe using a token system that allows members to give away clothes they no longer want and find clothes that are ‘new to you’.

On Nuw you’ll find members: Uploading and browsing pieces, connecting with community members, arranging collections and delivery, calculating our environmental impact and carbon offset, sharing stories and more. A member can log into our shared wardrobe and seamlessly access endless fashion in a sustainable and affordable way. Many key features have been built but there is a long and exciting roadmap of improvements and new features ahead.

Agile development is at the core of building Nuw. A beautiful, fast and simple set of processes to facilitate clothes-sharing among our members. Built for our unique context. Built to be loved by our community. No more difficulty and barriers to access fashion in a more sustainable way and extend the life-cycle of our clothes.

We are integrating deeply with the tools and services we love to use. For example, implementing 0 impact delivery partnerships. For every single decision and process, we strive to implement the most sustainable solution possible.

Our community is built on reciprocity and friendship. We are building a community to empower our members to share what they have and borrow what they need, not to create a business transaction between members to recirculate fashion as this can make sustainable solutions inaccessible for many.

As a Product Manager at Nuw, you will:

  • Partner closely with CTO and rest of the business and connect with the customers to identify insights to drive decisions.

  • Own product strategy from concept through delivery.

  • Utilize research and analytics to build a delightful and innovative product.

You may be a fit if you have:

  • Successfully shipped products.

  • Experience working with engineers to drive product improvement and new features.

  • A Growth Mindset.

  • A data-driven approach to problem-solving.

  • Excellent communication and ability to clearly articulate vision

  • A strong ability to connect customer feedback to product development

  • A desire to move quickly and grow in an early stage startup.

  • A strong understanding of fashion and sustainability spaces.

  • You are comfortable wearing different hats. While your primary focus will be Product Management, you are enthusiastic about all aspects of delivering an amazing product and are happy to throw in where needed (Marketing, Business Planning).

Our team values

Transparency and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. We founded Nuw with a determination to create solutions centred around sustainability, accessibility and community.

Shared solutions are what we strive for. We share problems and find answers as a team. Much like our platform, we rely on everyone working together to achieve things that we could never do alone.

No time for ‘busy work’. As an early stage start-up we only have time for pursuing real progress. We avoid, outsource, eliminate and automate things that don’t drive us forward.

Ego Free Zone. We check our egos at the door. At Nuw we value kindness, consideration and support for others.

We believe in doing good – for ourselves, for each other and for the planet. But for us, none of this would be possible if we didn’t enjoy ourselves. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

The details

Employment Type: Full time

Based: Remote or in-office (Offices in Dublin and London). Looking for candidates who can work closely to GMT time-zone.

Salary: Competitive

Apply: Contact Paddy and Aisling with your CV and/or Linkedin and a little about yourself. Email at and (Please include both on the email).

We value your time – you can keep your application short and sweet. If you seem like a good fit we like to jump straight on a call so we can keep things moving quickly.

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