Research Analyst


  • Full Time

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Counteract is looking for an Analyst to conduct research and compile opinionated analysis in the emissions removal sector to help refine our operating thesis, support investment decisions and prioritise new venture development. You will have exposure to all aspects of the business with a particular focus on developing our Insight offering and wide access to the emerging emissions removal solutions space.

Some of the things we’ll ask you to do:

  • Support the development of structured and rigorous research methodologies which are comprehensive, robust and insightful
  • Where appropriate, build relationships with academics and other research institutions which align with our areas of interest and can support the development of our research and insight
  • Undertake detailed research and analysis of the emissions removal space, understanding scientific, economic, social and other factors affecting the various sub-sectors, the technologies with the greatest potential and the opportunities for and barriers to growth
  • Synthesise research and analysis outputs into high quality, well structured and clearly communicated research reports accessible and useful to both sector experts and novices alike
  • Craft issue and profile raising communications such as writing opinion pieces for blog or social posts
  • Build forecasting models of sector development scenarios
  • Undertake rapid sector, market and opportunity analysis of individual investment opportunities, including financial scenario modelling

Skills and capabilities you will need:

  • Care about our environment. You must attach utmost importance to the future of our planet and have faith in our collective ability to turn the tide on the climate crisis.
  • Exceptional analytical skills and commercial acumen. You know how to get to the salient questions quickly, reality-check assumptions and assess the viability of ideas.
  • Confident building macro and micro forecasting models and translating their outputs into insight.
  • Exceptional written communication skills and the confidence to write well structured research notes and papers for less informed audiences.
  • Confident working with minimal direction, managing your own time and priorities and creating structure as required.
  • Approachable, empathetic and generous. You should be at ease working with academics, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs and be able to help them navigate unfamiliar realms just as they guide you in theirs. You won’t be shy about challenging others, though you will always do so with kindness and respect.
  • Experienced working in agile, tech-literate environments.
  • Potential relevant experience:

Counteract is a competency focused organisation.  As such, you may have experience in unrelated fields.  However, it is likely that you will have:

  • Qualifications in a highly quantitative subject or experience working in a highly quantitative role
  • Experience working in a dynamic working environment where self starters thrive


Important information: Eligible to work in UK
Salary: £35 000 – £45 000, depending on experience