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Research/Outreach Director or Co-Director (PT) for Planet & Democracy-Saving Tech Team with potential Gamechanger Resistor Recruitment Tool

Are you looking to use your research skills to create what could potentially be the most powerful social change tool for 2021?

If so, we are looking for a committed research associate who’s devoted to saving Mother Nature and/or democracy itself in the little time we have.

Our solution is based on the game-changing research of Erica Chenoweth and our own US history, in particular what it took to pass the New Deal — that is, massive nonviolent civil resistance, including over 4000 strikes from 1933-37 — despite having a strong Democratic Congress and FDR.  This entails a fear-minimizing, courage-unleashing ladder of engagement that can be easily embedded into any climate or social justice campaign’s “Take Action” tab, to make it much easier to recruit potential volunteers coming to the campaign’s site to be willing to commit to courageous acts of nonviolent civil resistance. The shorthand one liner is that we are “Kickstarter and much more meets movement organizing.”

You can find out more details at, and will send you more resources once we are in contact.


Fluent in reading and writing English, moderate ok for speaking
Reliable, detail oriented, and punctual
Familiar with google doc and g-sheet tools, ability to do mail merging a big plus
Self starter: We appreciate seeing initiative and receiving pushback; we aim to run as a collective
Major plus: You like networking
Can start immediately


Research articles, credits in documentaries, endorsements of books, LinkedIn, news stories, twitter to find names of organizers, exec directors, entres to donors, donors, tech talent etc to inform about our work and to get advice, find collaborators and determine best angle for approaching them
Find contact info for above mentioned people and using various contact-info services, in addition to LinkedIn and Google
Opportunity to learn to pitch (if desired; not required)
Monitor google alerts and use  other ways to find campaigns open and ideally eager to beta test us, funding sources, nationally known advisers, etc
Help find other talent (advisers, trainers, etc)
Read relevant essays, join conferences, and watch videos to deepen your understanding of our work and how we might better achieve our mission (this you do on your own time)
Analyze user feedback during our upcoming beta tests
Help us recruit a person of color for this position or others

Though volunteer preferred for the first month, though we might be able to offer $500-700/mo, halftime  depending on what contacts you have,  where you live, experience, etc. after 1 wk volunteer trial, and then lots more ($800-1000/mo) once we raise our next round of funding, which could be in 2-3 months.

The chief cofounder and project director continues to work fulltime without pay. We have raised $55k already, and lots of the project director’s personal savings, but spent all of that in 2020. Happy to provide our own integrity references. We ask this trial because we’ve too often been disappointed by applicants for this position, and it takes almost two weeks to get a new person up to speed. Note, this could easily be expanded to 20-25 hrs/wk if you work out.

The “Co-Director or Director” title will be conferred after a month of reliable service; your title would be “Associate Director” until then, unless you already have lots of similar experience.

Major $100-200 bonuses if you on your own are able to find other needed talent, and larger bonuses if you find donors. We are a 501(c)3.

To apply: NOTE: Boilerplate Cover letters will be ignored.

Send us a personalized non boilerplate cover letter, with “Research/Outreach rb ForPurposeJobs” in sub line and the letter laying out
a) your heartfelt motivations — what draws you to our organization? Why us when there are many other environmental NGOs out there?
b)  Indicate how soon you can start and preferred hours per day
c) other potentially helpful contacts you might have (e.g. entry to any major climate justice or social justice campaigns to expedite the beta testing; or to a microinfluencer(s) to help us crowdfund further funding), or to tech talent or donors (we don’t expect names, just enough profile to believe it’s for real)

Attach resume and include your phone and city in your signature, and best times to call Pacific time.

AGAIN: IF YOU WANT US TO RESPOND, DO NOT SEND US A BOILERPLATE COVER LETTER. Detail your motivations and sources of that motivation.


Salary: $500-700/mo until we receive funding for a permanent salaried position

Important information: Hours are flexible, but general availability during 10am-2pm (US Eastern) is preferred. The project coordinator is based in SF Bay Area. We prefer at least 3hrs/day (ie 15hrs/wk minimum), one of which can be a Saturday or Sunday.

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