Senior backend developer | NodeJS, Microservices, SQL


  • Full Time
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🚀 Your mission
As a NodeJS backend developer you will support us extending our platform with new functionality and ensuring production grade code for easy maintenance and extension.

You will work with a highly ambitious team that strives to build the world’s leading sustainability management platform. You will build, maintain and extend our microservice backend infrastructure to keep it scalable and establish a clear work distrubition optimization of backend processes. Examples of work could be to extend the message routing and cross-service call stack tracing of messages on errors.

🗺 What is retraced
We are building the platform to manage sustainability information for every participant in the fashion industry. The platform provides ways to communicate sustainability for fashion brands in their online stores, but especially all the backoffice tasks to maintain and overview the sustainability standards. The functions include high level certificate management and goes deep down to farmer entering data into our app to trace origins of materials.

🎯 Requirements


  • NodeJS || JS developer (≥6y)
  • Experienced with cloud functions or microservices (≥3y)
  • Very good English
  • CDN, K8S, S3 are terms you have stumbled upon


  • You like to take responsibily for what you build
  • You turn your camera on in Zoom
  • You embrace that your PR might be declined or reworked by someone else

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Salary: 55,000-65,000

Important information: Remote, relocation supported