Senior Data Scientist (NLP)

Climate Policy Radar

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Supporting the transition to a low carbon, resilient world.

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to work on an exciting, high impact mission as part of the growing team at Climate Policy Radar. We are an open data climate startup (with secured core funding) on a mission to map the global policy landscape, harnessing machine learning to create the evidence base for informed decision-making. Our work helps governments, the private sector, researchers and civil society to advance effective climate policies rapidly, replicate successful approaches and avoid failed ones, enhance accountability and promote data democratisation.

You will need the creativity and passion to write the playbook, and be comfortable working in situations where uncertainty is high, defining the problems as much as the solutions. You will be willing to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into working on a wide range of fascinating research areas, including the design of efficient data labelling strategies, document layout parsing and semantic search.

In this role you will…

  • Work closely with the CTO and data science team, research, design and develop algorithms to extract information from unstructured policy documents
  • Use your knowledge and experience of the latest NLP techniques in deep learning and transformer architectures, and refine and apply them to our information extraction needs
  • Build models to extract information, using supervised techniques ranging from classification, entity recognition and entity relation extraction.
  • Research and develop approaches to parse pdfs and other document formats to extract the document structure, text and data into machine readable formats.
  • Develop approaches for efficient data labelling and to bootstrap the creation of training and test datasets
  • Devise and test methods that can adapt to varying information extraction needs, being flexible in the definition of policy concepts
  • Collaborate closely with internal and external domain experts and stakeholders, to understand their policy analysis needs and translate them into modelling requirements
  • Communicate research progress and findings in research blogs, articles and papers
  • Be a strong advocate of open source, playing a key role in providing open access datasets and models to the climate policy and machine learning community.



  • PhD in a relevant discipline or a Master’s plus a comparable level of experience
  • You have worked in an environment (either academic or industry) where you carried out machine learning research on applied problems
  • Deep understanding of machine learning, including both supervised and unsupervised, covering core theoretical foundations and their application.
  • Practical experience of using deep learning applied to NLP; proficient in deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow.
  • Solid understanding of deep learning architectures including transformers, attention and continuous representations; transfer learning and pretrained model fine tuning; you understand what these models are doing as well as how to use them and obtain optimal results.
  • Excellent Python programming skills and knowledge of how to write well structured, maintainable research and production quality code; version control using Git; unit testing.
  • Experience of using standard numerical packages including pandas, scikit-learn and numpy and tools for data science including Jupyter
  • Experience of semi-supervised techniques such as active learning, weak supervision and zero/few shot learning would be beneficial
  • Understanding of the research-product lifecycle, how to deploy models in production and what needs to be considered to deploy an effective model.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


It is also important to us that you are…

  • A logical problem solver who is able to interpret requirements from stakeholders and domain experts, and translate them into concrete research objectives.
  • Able to organise and prioritise your research, remaining focused on short-term deliverables but able to advance our future technological direction
  • Motivated by a desire to use your technical skills to work on climate change and make a real difference.


We offer:

  • A high impact and exciting mission at the intersection of technology, AI and policy. A chance to co-create and help us shape our journey ‒ we are a young startup building our team and vision, so your input and impact will be significant.
  • Access to a larger community of climate and data enthusiasts ‒ we are a member of Subak, an accelerator and cooperative for climate non-profit startups, and enjoy a joint programme of learning, collaborating and socialising.
  • A deep commitment to our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Among others we offer unlimited leave, flexible work hours, a generous wellbeing allowance, short Fridays, and great coffee.
  • Hybrid work arrangement: stunning work space overlooking Westminster Bridge, combined with remote working.
  • A reason to get up in the morning, knowing you are working to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.
  • A competitive market rate salary based on your experience.
  • We deeply care about our values. See them here.


Important information: Only applicants legally authorised to work in the UK will be considered.

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