Senior Infrastructure Engineer


  • Full Time

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Cervest is building the world’s first open access AI-powered Climate Intelligence platform.

We’re a certified B-Corp with a vision to democratize access to Climate Intelligence driving a shared responsibility to protect the world’s critical assets — including our greatest shared asset, the planet.

It’s an exciting time to join us. We’ve just raised $30m in Series A investment. Our inaugural product, EarthScan™, will launch in 2021. EarthScan™ enables organizations to de-risk business decisions, meet financial disclosure guidelines, improve resilience, and uncover new opportunities to accelerate low-carbon growth.

We’re backed by leading venture capital firms, including Draper Esprit, Future Positive, Lowercarbon Capital, and Astanor Ventures. We are now building up our team in all areas: sales, marketing, science, engineering, and people operations.

As a company, we are a pro-diversity, highly inclusive organization, committed to bringing together people of all backgrounds and enabling them to succeed. We know that a richly diverse team will help us achieve our mission sooner.

As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Cervest, you will:

  • Drive the continued improvement of our Cloud usage, ensuring that all of our environments are capable of serving our needs whilst taking best advantage of the power and flexibility that leveraging the Cloud has to offer.
  • Create protocols for Infrastructure Provision in line with need on a JiT basis, using all the tools in the DevOps toolbox.
  • Ensure that all technical operators within Cervest have the tools and environments that they need to carry out their development and research work.
  • Lead on the design and implementation of unified logging, monitoring, instrumentation and reporting for our environments.
  • Develop custom tools for managing our specific requirements, where needed.
  • Maintain the operational, data and code security of our Cloud Estate and our small in-house pool of hardware.

You’ll also contribute to:

  • The Agile Process in our teams, where the impact of new technologies and / or environments or updates to existing infrastructure will be important in the proper estimation of tasks.
  • Leading on any SysOps-centric internal development carried out to benefit the whole technical arm of the business.
  • Strategic planning with regard to Infrastructure and software procurement, where your expertise and insights can be applied.


Required skills:

  • Extensive experience with AWS including a solid understanding of the core AWS Services – EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, EKS, SQS, SNS
  • Extensive experience with Kubernetes, Docker and associated toolchains.
  • Extensive experience with DevOps as a SysOps culture / methodology – constant re-evaluation of performance and efficiency to inform improvements across a spectrum not limited to but including raw performance, resilience, security and economy.
  • Extensive experience with CI / CD tools and methodologies.
  • Extensive experience with Infrastructure and System level security, including technologies such as KMS / Vault etc.
  • Experience with complying to and contributing to InfoSec requirements for the deployed environments.
  • Good familiarity and comfort with “Infrastructure as Code” tools, such as Terraform.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with deployment and orchestration tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef etc.
  • Experience with logging, monitoring and instrumentation of code / applications.
  • Experience of working in Agile teams
  • Experienced and comfortable with scripting (i.e. at least one of Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash, Go etc.) and with version control (Git).

Application information:

The interview process for this role will be approximately 4-5 hours in total (which we accommodate as much as possible around your obligations), comprising interviews with 3-4 Cervest representatives across the organisation, and an assessment on a relevant topic which is agreed in advance.

Accommodations will be provided as requested by candidates during all aspects of our interview process.


Benefits and salary:

Salary – £65-85K / annum (dependent on experience) or local equivalent

Opportunities to learn, grow and thrive with support from talented and empathetic team mates

We are a remote first company and looking for candidates who would be able to come to our office in London (once travel is sensible) a few times a year using more sustainable transport methods (we’ll help with that) so generally within one time zone of the UK.

  • Competitive salary
  • 30 days vacation
  • Remote first company culture
  • Flexibility in working times
  • £1000 each year to expand your development
  • Extensive home office budget
  • Paid sick leave for physical and mental health with access to Spill
  • Opportunities to learn, grow and thrive with support from talented and empathetic team mates
  • We are committed to ensuring that we support our team in developing in line with their aspirations and talents as well as continuing to develop our culture in line with our values.