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At Arrival, our team is creating best-in-class electric vehicles using a radical new method of design and production. We work with some of the world’s leading businesses and governments to achieve our goal of redefining mobility and transport ecosystems, transforming how people and goods travel and enhancing urban environments for all communities.
Innovation, rapid development and testing help us to push the boundaries. Our New Method takes our portfolio of patented technologies created in-house, and combines it with assembly in Arrival Microfactories. It’s a groundbreaking approach, leading to products with maximum functionality, peak efficiency, and an elevated experience – at a much more competitive price than other electric vehicles, and even fossil fuel vehicles.
We’re recognised by LinkedIn as the top UK startup of 2020, and recently announced plans to list on the Nasdaq with an expected valuation of $5.4bn.
Arrival, the technology company and manufacturer of electric vehicles, is looking for a Senior UX researcher who is responsible for organizing and conducting research, analyzing user experience and ensuring coordination and communication between relevant stakeholders.  Central to the role will be guiding the strategic direction and development of the product and services (digital and physical) through deep, holistic understanding of the customers and market.

Tasks & responsibilities:

      • Generating an in-depth understanding of new markets, customers and users through an array of insight discovery skillsCollaboration with the cross-company UX research function and an international team including in-house and remote resources for performing global research studies.
      • Analysis of competitive, global and industry user experience in terms of products, services, communication channels and user interfaces to identify development areas.
      • Organizing and conducting usability studies of all products, services and user interfaces to learn from the understanding of real users.
      • Measuring expert UX analytics for interacting with products, services and user interfaces.Organizationand task setting for external resources/research agencies and quality assessment of the findings.
      • Collection, synthesis and analysis of research insights, identifying areas of development and providing recommendations.
      • Organization of machine-readable format for tasks and research / analytics findings in order to develop machine learning practices.
      • Designing algorithms for automated analysis of user experience research results.Preparation, presentation and collaboration of design results with product teams and management

Requirements and skills:

    • Higher psychological, technical or design education.
    • Fluency in tools for collecting, analyzing and organizing data. Skills for designing data analysis algorithms preferred.
    • Fluency in user experience research practice and all associated tools.
    • Attentiveness and criticality to the imperfection of data, the presence of errors and their processing algorithms.
    • Fluency in remote collaboration tools, cloud services and development interaction toolsDevelopment of analytical skills, passion for working with numbers; clear alignment of the logic of conclusions and decisions.
    • Free oral & written English no lower than upper intermediate.
    • Qualifications & experience:
    • Experience of 5 years in organizing and conducting research on user experience and usability of products and services in the role of a performer and task designer.
    • Experience of 3 years of research work in projects to bring high-tech engineering and IT products to the market.
    • Experience of 2 years of work in organizations and projects with agile development methods, with geographically distributed and multilingual teams.
    • Market research experience is highly preferred.
    • Direct participation in organizing and conducting international and remote UX research studies.
    • Direct participation of research in projects that have received industry awards, ratings.
    • Presence of a portfolio of projects on research and analytics of user interaction – we will ask you to demonstrate what tasks you solved, how, in what role and what was the final result of your participation in such projects;Collaboration level:Direct collaboration with management, colleagues and experts of related departments within the companyInteraction with external resources, contractors and clientsInteraction with geographically distributed English-speaking experts, in person, correspondence, documentation.
At Arrival we want all of our employees to feel comfortable bringing their passion, creativity and individuality to work. We value all cultures, backgrounds and experiences, as we truly believe that diversity drives innovation. Join our mission to bring better, more sustainable transportation to communities around the world.
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