Team Entomologist


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If you’re a ‘pretty fly’ entomologist looking to change the world, this could be the job for you.

– Study the effectiveness of semiochemical attractants in luring hoverflies to areas in on-farm trials to encourage increased pollinating behaviours on commercial crops for fruit and berry growers.
– Develop further hoverfly rearing research and commercial scaling
– Play a key role in technical projects across interdisciplinary teams

Core Skills: – MSc qualification in Biology, Ecology, or a comparable topic (PhD preferred)
– Demonstrates the fundamental background knowledge of ecological systems, animal physiology and plant biology necessary to comprehend the rationale for our work
– Proven track record of using investigative skills to develop research trials
– Experience working in a laboratory environment and fieldwork, including work with insects (preferably Diptera)
-Handling insects requires care and precision. Understanding insect behaviour in experiences and learning to solve experimental challenges requires an enthusiasm for the topic and an affinity for the model organisms
-A basic qualification in chemistry would be advantageous (e.g. A-level)
-As the project involves work with chemical compounds, some familiarity with types of organic chemical is preferred.
-Good knowledge of basic statistical analysis using appropriate software (e.g. SPSS or R) will be highly desirable.

Virtual work/Olombria Office (London, UK preferred), farm locations (pending travel regulations)


Over 75% of agricultural crops worldwide rely on insects for pollination to ensure increased yields at harvest. However, the total demand for insect-pollinated crops is rising five times as fast as the available hives. Add to this that the number of wild pollinators is steadily declining, and there is an immediate risk to many crops that threatens food security.

Olombria uses specific species of flies to supplement bees as primary pollinators. Flies already do about 30% of the world’s pollination, but the Olombria technology substantially increases their effectiveness. We use advanced, natural chemical signalling and mapping technologies to choreograph their behaviour, placing them just where the crops need them to be.

We love candidates who have a passion for developing innovative solutions and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You will use your technical expertise to work with an interdisciplinary team of designers, scientists, and researchers to build the next generation of agricultural IoT solutions.