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About Icebreaker One

We are a diverse collection of like minded people whose expertise spans policy and science, finance and engineering, data and systems—working together to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time. We need your help.    


Our mission is to make data work harder to deliver net-zero outcomes. 


Open Energy (Phase III)

We have secured funding for the third phase of our Open Energy project. During this phase we have six months (February-July) to deliver a fit-for-purpose, market-ready, operational service, with a sustainable business model that directly meets the needs of its users.  Working iteratively, collaboratively and in the open, the objective is to take the work and prototyping from Phase II through a private-to-public scaling of the Open Energy Governance Platform (OEGP) using Agile methodologies. Core to this phase is our Open Engagement, continuing to work directly with, and seek continuous feedback from, the energy industry. We will do this through Advisory Groups as well as 1-1 conversations and wider webinars. 


The role


Working to the Research Director, where applicable the Technology Delivery Manager and working closely with other members of the research and technology teams. 


Liaise and collaborate with other members of the OE3 team and Icebreaker One to help ensure the successful delivery of the project.



  • Work with the technical team to produce documentation across the technical build that meets high standards of detail, consistency and clarity. Tasks may include, but are not limited to: documenting where existing data standards and schema have been used or adapted by Open Energy, creating examples and documents supporting third parties to safely publish data through APIs, and documenting security and robustness measures built into the OEGP.
  • Work with the research team and Open Engagement manager to prepare documentation for stakeholder engagement, consultation and feedback – supporting practices of iterative project development and open working.
  • Develop supporting materials (e.g. briefing papers or slides) for monthly advisory group meetings and work with the research team to address relevant research items arising from these meetings.
  • Work with advisory group co-chairs, supporting them to effectively carry out their roles.
  • Support the research and technical teams to identify and assess any areas of the technical build that may have legal or governance implications (e.g. terminology, definitions, relationship with sector best practice guidance).
  • Where required, identify and adapt relevant areas of Open Energy technical documentation for use by other project teams (e.g. in operational guidelines or membership policies) – accounting for different audiences and communication requirements.
  • Where required, work with the Business Analyst to produce technical documentation (e.g. reporting and measurement) required for development of a sustainable business model. 
  • Where required, contribute to webinars that discuss our work.
  • Where required, publish written and other supporting material under open source/creative commons licences.



  • Technical documentation for the private beta and sandbox stages.
  • Technical documentation for the search and knowledge graph functionality.
  • Technical documentation for the OEGP technical architecture.
  • Technical documentation for relevant data standards and schemas.
  • Examples and documentation to support third parties to publish data through APIs.
  • Adaptations of technical documentation to support activities of research, operational and communications teams.


Knowledge, Skills, Experience

  • Demonstrable experience of working in support of a group of team members.
  • Familiar with using and applying Google Suite/Workspace, Slack, social media and other tools for working remotely and in the open.
  • Significant experience of technical writing for varied audiences.
  • Significant experience of technical writing for software, data and API documentation.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.
  • The ability to clearly communicate complex technical information to varied audiences (e.g. developers, data scientists, Open Energy members).
  • Creativity to develop diagrams and visual material supplementing written technical documentation.
  • Demonstrable experience of conducting relevant research and writing quickly, in support of service design and iterative delivery models.
  • Demonstrable experience of adapting research and writing to be responsive to feedback and consultation mechanisms.
  • Demonstrable experience of working in support of agile delivery teams to collectively and quickly build new systems.
  • Ideally, familiarity with standards and schemas relevant to our work
  • Ideally, have an understanding of authentication/authorisation processes on the web
  • Ideally, familiar with task/project management tools, such as JIRA or Trello


Are you an Icebreaker?

The organisation has been built from within and intends to continue to do that in the future to encompass all flexibility – that’s in our DNA and that’s what makes us different.


Icebreakers have the energy, passion and tenacity to deliver the purpose of wide-ranging challenges.  On top of that, it is not just about what you can do but it is about how you do it as a member of the IB1 team.  Online or in person we are all part of and will work together for the benefit of the Icebreaker One team and wider  constellation.


Our aim is that everyone’s team user experience (TUX) is about shared problem solving in open, collaborative and non-confrontationally challenging ways. We work in a supportive environment so that we can do and make things as best as we possibly can. 


Icebreakers work with us on, sign up to and strive for the following in what they do and how they behave with their fellow Icebreakers and our wider community: 

  • A collaborative and collegiate approach – we are open by default – in a fast paced environment.
  • It is what you can bring and what you want to achieve mixed with enthusiasm and a desire to do that alongside and not at the expense of others.  This includes a willingness to help out and get stuck-in with any other reasonable tasks for your project that help us to achieve the deliverables. 
  • Appropriate use of feedback channels to share up front and friendly feedback – good friends honestly and fairly critique what each other does and it’s ok to agree to disagree.


The benefits of being an Icebreaker?

  • Flexible working –  to help you work around your needs and commitments we don’t have work or meetings booked on a Friday!
  • Remote working – we may all be working remotely but it doesn’t get in the way of us working closely.  Regardless of whether working remotely is by choice or by necessity – daily standups and regular work and non work related hangouts mean you are not alone. 
  • Supportive working – Bring and share what you know as you’ll be working with people willing to learn and share knowledge and support from getting the most of the virtual / remote TUX through using GoogleDocs/GSuite to show and tell sessions ranging from essential research to sharing pictures of Christmas trees!


Apply todaym

Please note that before applying you will need to ensure you have the right to work in the UK and can provide documentary evidence of this. 


Email a CV or links to pages that show us what you have done and can do to help us to achieve our mission to


Applications must be received by 9am 4 March 2021.


As a team, we are committed to equality and creating an inclusive culture with diverse and balanced backgrounds.  We actively encourage applications from everyone and will help to support you to reach your full potential and to be yourself in a working environment based on dignity, respect and mutual support.  If you have any queries or need any advice or adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process please contact us at the email address above.


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