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These New Apps Make Sustainability Easier in 2021 | Pebble

This article was written by Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder and Editor in Chief at Pebble. You can view the original post here.

January is a new start for us all and there’s a lot of us out there willing this year to be better and more sustainable.

But sometimes we need a helping hand so it’s great news that there are a range of new apps for this year that will help you become greener at home and healthier to boot, covering food, fitness, finance and more.

These New Apps Make Sustainability Easier in 2021

1. Kitche

Hands up who forgets what’s in their kitchen cupboards?

Who has brain blank when faced with a load of leftover ingredients, fridge veg or other random store cupboard staples?

Don’t want to waste food in 2021? A new app called Kitche cleverly combines all these dilemmas and solves them in one. It scans your receipts when you do a supermarket shop, logs what you have and then reminds you when to use up your ingredients and also suggests recipes that will use up items you have in your cupboards. Clever huh?

Kitche reckons it can save you £840 a year and reduce your food waste to practically nothing. A brilliant, free addition to your phone that makes tackling waste effortless.

chickpea and beef stew from above
The Kitche app helps you create meals with ingredients you already have

2. Deliciously Ella

Remember Ella Mills AKA Deliciously Ella, the wellness blogger turned author and entrepreneur? She’s evolved her ideas into a handy app that no longer just covers plant based food – it focuses on 5 Pillars of Wellness – plant-based diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and water consumption – which are backed up by her eight years of training and research into health.

The 99p a month app comes with a personalised plan and daily tracker to help you stick to your health goals at home, no matter what’s happening beyond that. The new app encourages plant based diets with over 600 delicious recipes and over 200 mindfulness and exercise classes. And what’s good for you – is good for the planet.

Delicously Ella app screen and recipe
Make plant based eating your default setting with the new Deliciously Ella app

3. My Plastic Diary

Want to reduce your plastic waste in 2021? The My Plastic Diary app helps you record your single use plastic consumption and shows you the breakdown of what kind of plastics you end up buying.

It then suggests ways to reduce your reliance on the dreaded plastic and receive awards for your progress. Knowledge is power so get to grips with your footprint.

I Took Part In The Everyday Plastic Survey – And So Should You

pile of plastic bottles
Get to grips with your plastic consumption in 2021

4. Wear Me 30 Times

Who said sustainability had to be boring? Inject some fun into saving the world and your social media profile with Wear Me 30 Times, a new fashion app that encourages you to wear (and track) an item of clothing you wear 30 times – inspired by Olivia Firth’s 30 wears campaign a few years ago. It has been devised and brought to market by Maakola, a slow fashion brand from Ghana.

It’s thought that it takes on average 30 wears for a piece of clothing to work off its emissions from manufacture. Users who scan a QR code on a new piece of clothing from the brands involved so far (including Avani Apparel, Rifò, WAO, Feeling Felt and Mati Collective) can then use the app to take pics of each wear, which get uploaded to social and counted. Once 30 wears have been reached, the app unlocks discounts and special offers from the brands involved.

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rack of fast fashion clothing
Choose slow fashion and get rewarded for wearing the same clothes

5. Tickr

ESG investing (Environmental, Social, Governance) is set to become one of the biggest trends in 2021 and new tech is making it even easier for us to invest as individuals and have more of a say in where our savings are used and what kinds of companies they are invested in.

Tickr makes it possible to start a fund with as little as £5. It’s B Corp certified and only invests in companies that put planet and people on an equal footing with profit. They want to make impact investing less scary for normal folk – and that could be revolutionary.

Ethical Investing: Your Green Money Guide

plant grows out of a pile of coins
Everyone can invest more ethically using a range of new apps like Tickr


What do you think? What new apps are you using to help you reduce your waste? Let us know in the comments!

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